Makeup tutorial: How to get the perfect smoky eye

How to achieve a brown-black smoky eye in six simple steps.

Makeup artist, David Allan Jones, shows us how to create a softer-looking, black-brown smoky eye in six simple steps:

Tip 1: Using an eye pencil, line the top of the eye blending it into the base of the lashes.

Tip 2: Pull the pencil out into the corner of the eye and bring it up and in.

Tip 3: Using a pencil brush, blend the colour to create that smoky effect. Tip 4: Under the eye, pencil in along the lash line. Using your finger, tap and blend.

Tip 5: Using a lighter colour (such as taupe), blend that into eye.

Tip 6: For extra definition, use black eyeshadow and blend into the outer corners of the eye.


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