Six expert tips to fight static and winter-proof your hair

Help calm frazzled hair with these expert-approved tricks.
Hair, woman lying in a tub Photo, Masterfile.

We recently spent a day on set with Toronto-based hair and makeup artist Sheri Stroh shooting our fashion feature for April. And while the spring clothes had us dreaming of warmer temps, the reality outdoors was, and still is, frightening. Here are Sheri's tips to keep your hair looking soft and static-free all winter long.

1. Since dry, winter air makes your hair more staticky, it's a good idea to use more moisturizing products. If you have fine hair, you can opt for lightweight conditioners and creams on your ends only.

2. Plastic also causes more static, so steer clear of plastic combs and brushes on dry hair. This goes for your wardrobe too, if you suffer from static, avoid synthetic fabrics.

3. Static Guard or hairspray sprayed on your brush before running it through your hair also works. (Just beware that Static Guard has quite a strong scent, so you may want to try hairspray first.)

4. Bounce sheets rubbed lightly over your hair or on your palms or brush can also be effective.

5. Whether you let your hair dry naturally or with a dryer, use products that can add moisture and weight.


6. If the air in your house is really dry, use a humidifier to add extra moisture.


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