5 fun summer hairstyles to try now

Ready for a fresh new look? Here are five easy-to-do hairstyles straight from the runway.
5 fun summer hairstyles to try now

Hair Trends - April Mag

Braids, braids, braids

From basic plaits to fishtails and fancy updos, this girlie style is all grown up. Braid them tight and sleek or loose and messy — anything woven goes.

5 fun summer hairstyles to try nowBraids, braids, braids

Clips, adornments and accessories

Barrettes, clips, floral headpieces and leather ties are the latest must-have accessories — and the easiest way to update your look. Pull back hair and fasten with anything other than a traditional elastic.

5 fun summer hairstyles to try nowClips, adornments and accessories

The new wave

Loose, beachy and laid-back waves are here to stay. Get the tousled look by changing up the barrel size, angle and direction of your curling iron.

5 fun summer hairstyles to try nowThe new wave

The low pony tail

Simple, pretty and sophisticated ponies work for day and night. You can even add a little wave if you like. Secure at the nape of your neck with a non-snag elastic and voila.

5 fun summer hairstyles to try nowThe low pony tail

Slicked back

Go for sleek, brushed-back hair with a soft finish. All you need is a styling cream or gel and a wide-toothed comb.

5 fun summer hairstyles to try nowSlicked back

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