Younger looking hair?

It's possible with our beauty pick of the month – iv cosmeceuticals

OK, so you’ve heard of wrinkle-reducing creams and age spot-lightening lotions.

But anti-aging products for hair? Yes! Just like our skin, hair visibly ages, resulting in dry brittle locks. iv cosmeceuticals is a new collection of products designed to reverse the effects of aging on hair. (Cosmeceuticals blur the line between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical.) The initial iv cosmeceuticals line contains six products, including Calm Smoothing Serum (shown above), 250 mL/$25. Each product contains a blend of ingredients that protect, repair and rejuvenate hair to keep it healthy and youthful looking. Think of it this way: if suntanning drastically ages your skin, just imagine what years of colouring, chemical treatments and daily heat styling are doing to your hair – yikes!
Look for iv cosmeceuticals in salons.

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