How to wear sequins

Expert dos and don'ts for getting sparkle right – without a disco ball in sight
By Kate Daley
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The holiday season may be all about glitz and glam,but you need to wear it right to look your finest. Here Erin Nadler, president of Better Styled, shares some styling tips to help you make sure your look shines in all the right ways.

DO: Wear sparkle for day. “Depending on your work environment and how corporate your dress code is you can wear it subtly,” says Nadler. Try an embellished brooch or a top with a hint of metallic sheen.

DON’T: Pair it with anything but neutrals. If you put on a leopard print or big pattern in addition to a sparkly number you’ll create your own optical illusion. Stick with creams, blacks and greys to avoid a visual overload.


DO: Really work it at night. For post-work partying, you can swap out your button-up for a tank with a bedazzled neckline. Wear it under a boyfriend blazer and slip on a dazzling cocktail ring. This look is still colleague-appropriate but just a bit more fun.

DON’T: Buy anything that looks cheap. It can be inexpensive and still look like a million bucks but if you think it has an air of tacky, avoid at all costs.

DO: Find unique ways to play with shimmer and shine. For example, add a sequined scarf to your perfect little black dress or a detailed belt around your waist, suggests Nadler. Why not pair an interesting metallic tight with a basic pump?


DON’T: Reserve it for just special occasions. Don a great sequined tank with a boyfriend jacket and skinny jeans on the weekend to make a strong statement, says Nadler.   

DO: Keep your makeup on the simple side. Unless it’s Halloween, glitter all over your face and body is not appropriate nor flattering.


DON’T: Get carried away. Less is more. As always, this mantra rings true for this trend. To avoid looking like a disco ball, think simplicity, says Nadler. Go with one strong statement piece. Opt for a great top or skirt, a fabulous hair accessory, a bib necklace or a great belt. Pick and choose between your pieces.

DO: Experiment with sequins. “If this trend isn’t your thing but you think it’s something you may want to try, I would not suggest going out and breaking the bank on a big sparkler you might never wear,” says Nadler. Purchase something that can be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe. For example, a great sparkly shoe or a stone-encrusted handbag can be worn out in the evening dressed up as easily as it can be translated into casual wear.

DON’T: Forget to wear it proud. Confidence will help you pull off a sequined mini skirt, a bedazzled dress or even just a big sparkling piece of  statement jewelery.


Check out Better Styled for more fashionable advice from Erin Nadler. 


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