Clean your closet this weekend! Tips to get and keep organized

An organized closet can make a world of difference to your morning routine...and your mood. Transform your cluttered closet into a lean, mean get-dressed machine
By Ingrie Williams,
Clean your closet this weekend! Tips to get and keep organized

Easy access

An organized closet can make a world of difference to your morning routine. And it’s not just about cutting down on time spent searching for that top that goes with this skirt, or the belt that fits a certain pair of pants. Your mood can also be drastically changed when something you need to get on with your day is M.I.A. To hit a personal best for getting out the door (while putting a smile on your face), you must know where everything is and everything must have a dedicated spot. Follow these tips to transform a cluttered closet into a lean, mean get-dressed machine.

In or out?

The first step in tackling closet organization is to haul everything out so you can assess each piece and only put back what deserves to be there. Create piles for the keepers, the out-of-season items and the things you’re not going to wear anymore and can donate. The general rule of closet clearing is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year or two. Any items that don’t fit you any more, are stained or beyond repair can also go.


Pack up seasonal items into storage bins to be tucked away until needed. Then organize the garments you’re keeping into categories: work wear, casual wear, formal wear, etc. Then, within each category, group all the tops, pants, skirts and dresses together. Finally, within each garment group, place like-coloured items together. Sweaters should be grouped by colour as well, folded and stacked on a shelf or in a dresser drawer. Jeans can be similarly stored.


Get hooked up

What you’re using to organize your closet can be as important as what’s in it. Stocking up on the same style of hangers helps create a cohesive look (which is always pleasant to look at), and can save space. Slim, lightweight velvety covered hangers are preferable because they don’t take up a lot of room, silky or slip-prone garments stay-put and they don’t leave unsightly shoulder dents in jackets and tops. And, Joan Crawford had it right: no wire hangers, ever!

Max out your space

To further max out space, you can trick out your closet with a few accessories. Consider installing an additional horizontal bar so you can hang more items. Or add a shelf just below the closet ceiling, a perfect out-of-the-way spot for shoeboxes and bags that’s an inexpensive DIY project. Cubby-style shelving can also be helpful. And don’t overlook utilizing the inner walls of your closet. With a few small hooks you can hang belts, scarves and ties for easy access. In a closet, every nook and cranny counts so make the most of them!



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