The 6 Best Purchases Our Editors Made In February

Including a genius pet-hair remover, a must-have phone accessory and a stylish air purifier.
The 6 Best Purchases Our Editors Made In February

In the mood for retail therapy? Allow us to make a few recommendations. From a genius pet-hair remover to a stylish air purifier, here's what Chatelaine editors added to their shopping carts in February.

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover, $40

A ChomChom pet hair roller for an article on the best purchases Chatelaine editors made in February 2024.

“My 14-pound, one-eyed mutt, Belle, is my sweet angel baby. Her only flaw: She sheds—a lot. I’ve long relied on sticky lint rollers to rid my clothes, pillows and furniture of Belle’s hair (which seems, somehow, to get stuck on every sweater and in every crevice). But I recently saw TikTokers recommending the ChomChom pet hair remover. I didn’t believe the hype until it arrived and I tested it on my fur-covered sweatshirt. The accumulated fur gets trapped in a compartment at the top of the roller, which is easy to clean. It’s great for the environment, my wallet and my relationship with my lil pup.” —Erica Lenti, deputy features editor

Dalstone Daisy Phone Grip, $14

A Dalstone daisy phone grip for an article on the best purchases Chatelaine editors made in February 2024.

“I recently swapped my dirty, years-old phone case for a new one and picked up this daisy-shaped collapsible phone grip to go with it. It's so cute, and it comes in a bunch of fun, spring-y colours. I find it surprisingly comfortable when it's resting on my fingers, even though my phone is on the heavier side. I was worried it would pop right off, but the adhesive is strong and secure, even after being thrown in my bag over and over again.” —Andréanne Dion, senior style and beauty editor

Dupray Bloom Air Purifier, $300

A Dupray Bloom air purifier in white with a grey filter with a monstera plant in it in front of a kitchen

“There's something uniquely Dystopia 2024 about recommending a cute air purifier, but if this summer is anything like last summer—Canada's worst-ever on record for wildfires—we're all going to need air purifiers. And, if you're going to have a big air purifier in your house, it may as well be cute and serve another function. I have this Dupray Bloom Air Purifier set up in my kitchen. I love that it kicks in automatically when it detects poor air quality (mostly, it seems, when I am frying) and that I can also use it as a colourful plant pot. (Note: I also bought the accompanying tabletop which can turn the purifier into a side table, but I found the quality not up to snuff—it looked cheap—so I'm using the purifier as a plant pot for a ficus instead.) When it's not hoovering up threats to our air quality, it's quite quiet and almost undetectable.” —Gillian Grace, deputy editor, digital

Clipa Handbag Hanger, $29

A clipa bag holder for an article on the best purchases Chatelaine editors made in February 2024.

“If you're someone who loves bags, this accessory is a must-have. The Clipa is a metal ring equipped with a hinge that allows it to open wide, and it can be used to hang your bag from the edge of a table, counter or chair. It has a ton of other uses, including hanging a bag off a stroller handle, a car headrest or securing it to a bathroom stall door that doesn’t have a hook. It's a simple yet elegant design solution to a common problem.” —Aimee Nishitoba, deputy art director

Molimoli Oil and Vinegar Dispensers, $39 for 2

A set of glass oil dispensers for an article on the best purchases Chatelaine editors made in February 2024.

“I am always looking for ways to make my kitchen space more efficient and uncluttered. I saw these oil and vinegar dispensers on TikTok and knew I had to get them. The dispensers come with 36 pre-printed labels for common pantry items as well as two blank ones. They did exactly what they were supposed to—my countertop isn't filled with mismatched oil bottles anymore.” —Stephanie Han Kim, art director

Aēsop Déodorant, $47

An Aesop spray deodorant for an article on the best purchases Chatelaine editors made in February 2024.

“There are two ways of looking at this aluminium-free spray: as either a ridiculously overpriced deodorant or an incredibly well-priced fragrance. I consider it the latter. I recently started working out at a gym again—as opposed to in my basement—and I bought this woodsy, vetiver-scented deodorant as a "push present" of sorts. Alongside a glass of SToK Cold Brew (which you should also definitely try if you haven't) the energizing scent helps wake me up before I head out the door at 6:15 a.m. each morning.” —Maureen Halushak, editor-in-chief

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