What not to wear

What Not to Wear's Carmindy explains which beauty products it's best to avoid

Stay away from: Heavy concealer under your eyes
Use a brightener (a creamy product with a touch of shimmer) to get rid of dark circles instead, says Carmindy. "Brightener bounces light from under your eyes - it's an optical illusion," she says. "Put it on the outer corners of your eyes and it’s like an instant eye lift."

Stay away from: Dark lip pencils
According to the What Not to Wear star, dark lip liners are a thing of the past. If you're going to wear a liner she suggests going for a nude shade instead.

Stay away from: Long-wearing lipsticks
"Long-wearing lipsticks are really drying on the lips. These products have no moisture in them so your lips become chapped and cracked," says Carmindy. She recommends opting for a long-wearing, moisturizing gloss instead so you can preserve the colour and your pucker.

Stay away from: Contouring

"Don't try and contour your face. Shading is a horrible way to do makeup," she explains. "Highlight instead. Changing somebody is the worst thing you can do. Highlighting somebody’s unique beauty is what my whole philosophy is about. "
Carmindy's highlight trick: For a luminous glow apply highlighter in three key places – under the brow, on the inner corner of your eye and on top of your cheek bones.

Stay away from: Cheap, ineffective moisturizers
If you're going to spend money on one great beauty product, make it your moisturizer. "Invest in your skin because no matter what your features are they’ll pop against radiant skin," explains Carmindy.

Stay away from: Too much bright eyeshadow
"I think that super bright colours are awesome in eyeliner form only. If you line the eyes with a bright teal, a bright turquoise or a serious purple it looks fantastic. The minute you start doing eyeshadows you start looking garish so I would pair the liner with something very simple: like a pale gold shadow with a teal eyeliner. That’s a good combination. Or a bright purple liner with a slight taupe on the lid, that’s also very beautiful. Make sure when you use these bright crazy colours that you go very neutral on your lips and cheeks," she says.


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