Joe Fresh Makeup Won't Be At Shoppers Anymore. Here’s Where You Can Still Get It

In 2019, look to Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore — or shop online
Joe Fresh Makeup Won't Be At Shoppers Anymore. Here’s Where You Can Still Get It

Joe Fresh Blush Stick in Peach. (Photo:

Joe Fresh Beauty fans may have noticed big sales in the makeup aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart recently. That’s because because by the end of 2018, Shoppers Drug Mart will no longer sell Joe Fresh Beauty products in its stores. (Joe Fresh jewelry and accessories, however, will still be available for purchase.)

Why Joe Fresh makeup won't be available at Shoppers Drug Mart

"We routinely review the products and services we provide customers to ensure our selection best meets their needs. We’ve seen stronger results from Joe Fresh beauty in our grocery locations and online, so are focusing our efforts in those channels," said Julie Dunham, the manager of communications & corporate affairs for Shoppers Drug Mart.

Where you can buy Joe Fresh cosmetics in person — and online

Shoppers Drug Mart locations will sell its remaining stock until the end of the year. Fans of the affordable line can continue to find the full collection of Joe Fresh makeup in person at Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Atlantic Super Store, and Maxi & Cie. Otherwise, the products will still be available online at, or through the Joe Fresh website.


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