How to Pull Off Fall’s Biggest (And Most Wearable) Beauty Trend

This fall season, shades of plum, berry and wine lipsticks, glosses and balms are the go-to colours adorning pouts.

Dark Lipsticks

Photographer: Roberto Caruso. Hair and makeup: Ronnie Tremblay. Styling: Ingrie Williams.

Every year when the season shifts from summer to fall, it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re stashing in your makeup bag. A sure fire sign of colder temps? Darker lipstick. If you want to get in on the trend, it’s easy. Follow these tips and tricks for how to wear wine-hued lipstick along with some top picks for products and bullets that won’t wear off by lunchtime.
The One Print You Need to Try This FallThe One Print You Need to Try This Fall

Exfoliating is key

The first step to take before reaching for your bold berry lipstick is to remove any dryness or dead skin cells from the surface of your lips as deeper shades tend to accentuate any flaky skin. Run a lip scrub over your top and bottom lips to smooth them out and whisk away any dryness that’s sitting on the surface of your skin.

Try a touch of foundation on your lips

Gently buffing a dab of foundation or concealer onto your lips before applying your liner or lipstick helps to neutralize your natural lip colour. This means that the shade of lipstick you’re applying to your lips will be closer to the shade that’s in the bullet as your natural lip colour won’t change the hue at all.

Pair your lipstick with a liner

Lip liner isn’t a frivolous beauty purchase, especially when you are experimenting with deeper, darker lipsticks. A matching lip liner gives your lipstick a solid base to adhere to, making the formula longer wearing and helps to prevent any feathering or bleeding. If trying to match your lip liner to your lipstick is a daunting task, try an invisible liner instead. Clear lip liners act as a primer on your lips, boosting your lipsticks longevity and is completely foolproof to apply.

Experiment with textures

There’s no right or wrong shade or texture when wearing this trend. If you crave a rich, moisturizing formula, try a lipstick with a cream finish. If you’re looking for a lipstick that you can apply in the morning and not have to re-apply throughout the day, opt for a matte or liquid lipstick as they’re the most long-wearing. Or if you aren’t ready to fully embrace the trend yet and want to warm your way up to a bold pout, swipe on a tinted balm or gloss for a more subtle finish.

Tone down the rest of your makeup

When you rock a dark lipstick, you want to let your lips do the talking — and not much else. Keep your beautiful pout the focal point of your look by pairing it with a simple swipe of mascara or eyeliner, a dusting of colour on your cheeks and natural brows.

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