An Easier Way To Cover Grey Hair

Tips from Carlene Higgins, the co-host of the ‘Breaking Beauty’ podcast, on how to hide greys without the fuss.
By Charlene Higgins
Bottles of Clariol root touch up lined up in two rows of three against a light blue background. (Photo: Carmen Cheung)

When it comes to hair colour, beachy balayage (darker at the top, with a graduated transition to light at the bottom and a few highlights around the face) isn’t going anywhere. But those roots can be a challenge to maintain.

Enter Clairol’s new Root Touch-Up Colour Blending Gel.

It’s a variation on the brand’s cult favourite Root Touch-Up Permanent Hair Colour, which is available in 30 shades and needs to be mixed separately in a bowl before being brushed onto roots and then rinsed away in the shower. As the name indicates, it’s permanent, meaning greys are covered for up to three weeks. This new Colour Blending Gel, available in just six shades (because it’s slightly transparent and thus easier to blend than the permanent formula), comes in a tube applicator with a brush on one end. All you have to do is brush it on and rinse it off—no mixing or gloves required.

Since it’s semi-permanent, greys won’t be fully covered, so expect a more blended result that will last around 10 washes. The upshot? The lack of peroxide makes for healthier, silkier strands. (In case you’re wondering how excited women are about this just-launched product, let me tell you: When I mentioned it on the Breaking Beauty Instagram account, I was flooded with DMs.)

Tools to get the look:

An Easier Way To Cover Grey Hair
Clairol Root Touch-Up Colour Blending Gel, $15.

A box of Clairol Root Touch Up on a white background
Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Hair Colour, $10,


A box of L'Oreal Magic Root Precision Temporary Concealer against a white background
L’Oréal Magic Root Precision Temporary Concealer, $14,


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