Best face oils for every skin type

These luxurious oils feel like silk and help calm, soothe, hydrate, and heal depending on the blend. Just a few drops will soften skin and leave it glowing. It’s feel-good skincare that’s worth every penny.
Best face oils for every skin type

Best face oils for your skin

Face Oils - Throw from Apri


Designed for all skin types (even oily skin), this lightweight formula helps to fortify and stimulate cell regeneration for a more glowing and youthfu appearance Bonus: it helps even out skin tone, too. 

Age Perfect Cell Renewal Oil, $36, L’Oréal Paris.  

Best face oils for every skin typeL’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Oil

Cult Favourite

This powerful recipe of essential botanical oils works to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep. What could be easier?  

Midnight Recovery Concentrate, $51, Kiehl's.

Best face oils for every skin typeKiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate


Protect and restore

Protect, restore and add radiance to your skin with this multi-tasking rose hip oil. You can use it to help repair everything from fine lines and wrinkles to eczema and sun damage.

Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, $25, Kosmea.

Best face oils for every skin typeKosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil


Firm and plump skin with regular use of this radiance-boosting oil. Apply at night and don't forget to rub on your neck and décolletage too!

Divine Youth Oil, $100, L'Occitane En Provence.

Best face oils for every skin typeL'Occitane En Provence Divine Youth Oil


You'll love the sweet floral smell of this fatigue-fighting oil. The light and dry formula absorbs instantly, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth.

Resilience Lift Restorative Radiance Oil, $80, Estée Lauder.

Best face oils for every skin typeEstée Lauder Resilience Lift Restorative Radiance Oil



The busy gal's all-in-one, this long-lasting dry oil (great for sensitive skin) is gentle enough to hydrate and nourish the face and strong enough to moisturize the body and hair too. 

NutriExtra Extraordinary Oil, $30, Vichy

Best face oils for every skin typeVichy NutriExtra Extraordinary Oil

Skin smoother

Be sure to breath in this aromatic oil with each and every application. Equally pleasing to the nose as it is restorative to the skin, the antioxidant rich elixir smooth’s lines and wrinkles, helping to firm skin and boost radiance.

8-flower nectar oil, $150, Darphin.

Best face oils for every skin typeDarphin 8-flower nectar oil

Hydration helper

Perfect for the fragrance-free lover, this silky-light oil moisturizes dry skin and restores radiance. Great for all skin types. 

Turnaround Revitalizing Oil, $41, Clinique

Best face oils for every skin typeClinique Turnaround Revitalizing Oil



Warm a few drops of this 100% plant-based formula in the palm of your hand and massage it on your face and neck nightly. Your hardworking, overtired skin will be detoxified and renewed by morning – guaranteed!

Huile de Nuit Detox Polyphenol C15, $55, Caudalie.

Best face oils for every skin typeCaudalie Huile de Nuit Detox Polyphenol

Worth the money

Smooth wrinkles and reduce fine lines with this Bulgarian rose and magnolia-infused oil. Great for both mature and dry skin types. 

Black Rose Precious Face Oil, $260, Sisley Paris.

Best face oils for every skin typeSisley Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil

Tried, tested and true

The powerful combination of rosewood, patchouli and blue orchid help to hydrate dry skin, preventing moisture loss and minimizing the formation of fine lines. All important concerns for aging skin.

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, $53, Clarins

Best face oils for every skin typeClarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

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