Ask Lisa + Liz

I want a makeover similar to the ones you do in Chatelaine. How can I get those results myself?

We’re always looking for new stylists to feature in our makeover pages. I start by checking out new salons in town—they’re usually owned by top stylists who have built their reputations at other salons and are now opening their own businesses. I also check out the winners from national competitions like the Contessa Awards. You can find out more information on the Salon Web site—Canada’s hair industry trade magazine. Select Contessa Awards and choose from different categories and provincial winners. These winners have poured hours of creativity and energy into their presentations. The results can often look outrageous, but you’ll find stylists who are passionate about their craft and clientele.

Then go and check out the salon. Whenever we do a makeover, we always have a consultation with the makeover subject first—most salons offer them free of charge. Bring in your ideas or pictures from a magazine. A good stylist will pay attention to your requests and then make recommendations for your best look. She’ll also be able to offer suggestions for makeup. The most important thing is to keep an open mind. You’re used to seeing yourself one way, a good stylist who doesn’t know you can open up many exciting possibilities.

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