Dr. Perricone's 10 tips for glowing skin (even in winter)

Combat below zero temps and keep that bright and radiant glow with some sage beauty, diet and lifestyle advice from the skin doctor.
Dr. Perricone Dr. Perricone

The world-renowned dermatologist, skin doctor to the stars, anti-aging expert (can you believe he's 65 years old?!) and best-selling author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone shares his 10 best strategies for glowing skin (even in winter):

1. Use a good humidifier. They can get moldy, so be sure to keep them clean. The number one culprit for dry, flaky skin during the winter months is the lack of humidity, both indoors and out, and this is a great way to add moisture.

2. Try my bath towel trick: Soak a bath towel in water, wring dry, then hang it or sling it over a chair or shower wall to add instant moisture to a room. This is especially useful if you’re traveling and staying in hotel rooms.

3. Eat as many fresh fruit and veggies as you would during the summer months. The antioxidants act as natural anti-inflammatory powerhouses.

4. Take extra fish oil in winter, on a regular basis.

5. Moisturize with a great cream and apply it as soon as you come out of the shower - that means before towel-drying - and then pat dry. Take the dry leg test: add a good quality cream to one leg but not the other to see the difference a moisturizer makes and how your skin soaks it up.


6. Take short, warm showers, not long and hot showers.

7. Switch to a mild cleanser that won’t dry out skin during the winter months. Try adding a daily gentle exfoliator that removes dead cells only, leaving skin bright and radiant.

8. Try a three-day anti-inflammatory diet to perk up skin. That means eliminating starchy items, adding more salmon and salads, switching tea for coffee and drinking lots of water.

9. Engage in moderate exercise – that means 30-45 minutes a day and not more. Try adding more yoga or meditation to your routine.

10. Get enough sleep, and don’t drink caffeine or eat chocolate after 3pm.


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