Everything you need to know about the stylish new Endy Sofa

The Canadian mattress brand is bringing comfort to your living room

Endy has become synonymous with comfy and convenient mattresses: The Toronto-based brand launched in 2015 with a game-changing bed-in-a-box model and a mission of elevating sleep for Canadians. Since then, the direct-to-consumer company has expanded its offerings to include sheets, a pillow, duvet, mattress protector, weighted blanket and a bedframe.

Now, the brand is moving outside the bedroom and into the living room. Launched this June, the new Endy Sofa boasts some of the same great features that made the Canadian company stand out from its competitors, promising comfort and affordability, with hassle-free service, super-fast shipping, and no-cost returns.

Whether you’re moving into your first home and furniture shopping from scratch, or looking to upgrade your living room, here’s everything you need to know about the newest sofa on the block.

Customizable to fit any space

The Endy sofa is all about customization and can be configured to be an armchair, loveseat, 3-seater, and more. The modular design is made to fit any space in your home, whether it’s a small studio apartment or a larger home. Plus, the sofa features reversible cushions so you can choose between the tufted and non-tufted sides. You also have the option of adding an ottoman, another multi-purpose element that can be used as a decorative table or to create an L-shape sectional look. Best of all, if you ever move homes, your sofa can move with you and adjust accordingly.

Quality design without the hefty price tag

The modular sofa is super affordable without skimping on quality. A one-seat Endy sofa starts at $660, while a three-seater is $1320. Available in a modern and versatile grey, the sofa is made using a high-density foam and dressed in a durable, linen-like fabric. Meanwhile, the walnut finish on the solid wood legs give it a contemporary look and feel. It also prioritizes comfort, so you can lounge around, binge-watch your favourite TV show or cozy up with a book.

Speedy service from start to finish

As with all Endy purchases, the process of shopping online is made easy from start to finish. While many sofa deliveries from other retailers may take six to eight weeks to ship, the Endy Sofa is ready to ship across Canada with deliveries arriving in 3.2 days, on average. That means you can save precious time and avoid camping out on your floor while you wait for your new furniture to arrive.

Easy, stress-free unboxing

Bringing furniture into the home and assembling is probably the least fun part of any home decorating experience. To help you avoid Friends-style moments a la Ross Gellar (we promise you won’t be screaming, “Pivot!” in your stairwell), Endy’s sofa is shipped in compact individual pieces so you can bring them into any space with ease. The entire sofa can also be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, with no tools required.

Test-drive-ready with warranty

The biggest obstacle with any online purchase is not knowing whether or not you’ll like it before trying it out (buyer’s remorse is all too real). Before you stress out about buying a couch off the Internet, the Endy Sofa comes guaranteed with a 30-night trial and five-year limited warranty. In addition to getting a true feel for it, you can see how it actually fits into your space. If you’re unsatisfied, you can return the sofa (via a free return) and receive a full refund. Added bonus: the sofa is as easy to disassemble as it is to put together.

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