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12 Curry Recipes To Warm Up With This Season

Cozy up at home with comfort food that takes flavour to the next level.

However you prepare it and wherever you’re from, curry has no one definition. It can mean leaves from the curry tree, often used to flavour curry-based dishes that originated in the Indian subcontinent and South Asia,  or curry powder, a mix based off Indian cuisine’s use of varied spice blends in cooking but is largely a Western invention borne of British colonialism.

Curries can differ from kitchen to kitchen and region to region: you’ll find different styles across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and more, each with their own complex flavour profiles and style. There are wet and dry curries; curries packed with heat and mild ones that verge on sweet.  Here are some simple recipes that make the most out of curry powders and pastes.

How to make Thai sweet potato curry

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