Chicken Saltimbocca with Fresh Pasta


  • Prep Time15 mins
  • Total Time30 mins
  • Makes2 servings
Chicken Saltimbocca with Fresh Pasta

Photography, Erik Putz. Food styling, Ashley Denton. Prop styling, Madeline Johari.

Chatelaine Triple Tested

Break out the good napkins and a bottle of something nice, and treat a loved one (or yourself!) to a bistro-quality dinner you can pull off with panache—we promise.


  • 4 chicken scallopini, (about 85 g each)

  • 8 sage leaves

  • 4 slices prosciutto

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1/3 cup white wine

  • 1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth

  • 2 tbsp cold butter, cubed

  • 1/2 350-g pkg fresh papardelle pasta


  • Boil a large pot of water for pasta. Arrange 2 sage leaves on top of each scallopini. Wrap 1 slice of prosciutto around centre of each.

  • Heat a large frying pan over medium-high. Add oil, then chicken. Cook for 2 min. Flip and cook until bottoms are lightly golden, 2 min. Transfer chicken to a plate, cover and keep warm.

  • Pour wine and broth into same pan over medium-high. Boil for 2 min. Whisk in butter. Set aside.

  • Cook pasta until just tender, about 3 min. Drain pasta. Serve chicken over pasta and drizzle sauce overtop.

Nutrition (per serving)

Calories 970, Protein 63g, Carbohydrates 102g, Fat 31g, Fibre 5g, Sodium 1060mg.

Wine Pairing

Ibi Wine Skin-Contact Vidal 2019 Revel Cider’s wine-focused project, Ibi, uses winemaking techniques in craft cider with poetic results: think piquettes, vermouth sodas and ciders with offbeat spices, like sumac and hyssop. Its canned Skin-Contact Vidal wine-cider hybrid features vidal grapes from Beamsville, Ont. (typically used in sweet wines), with a splash of tangerine cider added at the end. The result is crisp, tropical and temperate; it’s bone-dry with whiffs of yuzu and satsuma wrapped in honeysuckle. It’s the perfect foil for salty meats, like prosciutto, which love orange. Plus, the relatively low alcohol by volume (10.5%) and single-serving format is perfect for a weeknight in. $7.50, Revel Cider.

Kitchen Tips

1. Don’t have pappardelle on hand? Fettuccine, tagliatelle or any other broad-noodle pasta will work just as well.Follow package directions and cook until al dente. 2. Chicken scallopini may also be sold as “thin sliced chicken breasts” in grocery stores.