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Make your life easier with our how-to videos

Make your life easier with our how-to videos

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Chatelaine video: 10

In the spirit of the Emmy award-winning television program 24, we bring you 10. Follow working wife and mother Jackie on the morning after daylight savings time change. Even though her family forgot to reset the clocks, she saves the day (with a little help from Headquarters) by getting everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door in 10 minutes flat.


Pumpkin carving 101
Our how -to video, featuring expert carver Nik Lombardi, helps you create the perfect jack-o-lantern this Halloween. Watch Nik turn an ordinary orange pumpkin into a Devilish Cat. Then download a copy of one of Nik’s 19 stencils and slice up some spooky magic of your own.

The lazy gardener
Didn’t quite get around to planting your dream garden? Join Jennifer Reynolds for a video tour of great ways to dress up your garden – no planting required!

7 must-have plants
Gardening expert Jennifer Reynolds takes you on a tour of the hottest plants of the season

Easy container gardens
How to plant a gorgeous container garden


Funny girls
Watch some of the country’s silliest, smartest, cheekiest comedians in action

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