Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale

From scenic trails to farmers' markets, here are our fave spots to visit in this inner city neighbourhood
By Jenn Smith Nelson
Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale Saskatoon Farmers' Market

Try—and buy!—local delicacies like saskatoon berry pie, sea buckthorn gelato and homemade jams at the bustling Saskatoon Farmers' Market. Stop by the Living Sky Winery stand to wash it down with award-winning Currant Fruit Wine. Delish! 414 Ave. B S.

Korean kick

Seoul's contemporary take on Asian cuisine has set this food scene buzzing. Handy iPad menus tantalize your taste buds with ingredient lists and videos on how meals are prepared. The cool factor is second only to the delicious food. 334 20th St. W.

Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale The Hollows

Locavore's dream


The Hollows is located in a historic 1915 building and is a must for farm-to-table dining. Using only locally produced foods on its ever-changing seasonal menu, the restaurant pairs warm old school decor with friendly service: Dishes are often even delivered by the chef himself. 334 Ave. C S.

Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale Roxy Theatre

Feel-good flicks

Catch a movie at the old-timey Roxy Theatre. Constructed during the 1930s depression, the cinema shows features in a mock-Spanish courtyard (with twinkling lights in the ceiling). In this unique, atmospheric theatre you can really kick back and indulge in pure escapism. 320 20th St. W.

Adventure fix


The wind and snow make this area perfect for kiteboarding on frozen lakes and prairie fields. Escape Sports will kit you out with everything you need. And if you're looking for more laid-back pursuits, take in the sleepy winter landscape with a snowshoe walk or watch hard-core paddleboarders on unfrozen parts of the river. 339 Ave. A S.

Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale River Landing

Waterside wonder

River Landing is a development project by architects reclaiming land that overlooks the South Saskatchewan River. Scenic trails are perfect for a winter stroll, the ideal way to take time out from busy stores, and it's mere steps from the heart of the city and Riversdale centre.

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