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Reader call-out: We want to hear your stories

Chatelaine is looking for real-life stories about one decision — big or small, good or bad — that impacted your life.
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Chatelaine wants to explore the choices women make and how they affect their lives. That’s why we’re looking for real-life stories about one decision — big or small, good or bad — that impacted your life. The type of decision can range from light-hearted (why I chose to dye my hair green) to serious (why I left my husband of 50 years). Either way, the decision should be one that was important to you. We’re looking for stories that will make our readers laugh out loud, shed a few tears and maybe even learn something new. Here are some sample topics:

  • Why I pursued a third career in my 60s
  • Why I gave up on chemo
  • Why I married my husband…again
  • Why I quit my high-paid job and moved to a farm

Things to consider when you're writing

We want to know why you made the choice and what its effect was. Here are some things to think about: What were the pros and cons you considered before making your choice? Was there a lightning-rod moment that resulted in the choice? How did your friends, family or colleagues respond? Not all of our choices are good ones — was this the right decision?

The details

Your piece should be 500 words in length. We are looking for original work that has not been published elsewhere. We prefer to use your first and last name but will consider anonymous submissions on a case-by-case basis. Choices articles are unpaid.


How to submit your piece for consideration

Email your essay in the body of an email to with the subject line “Choices” along with the best phone number to reach you at. Please include your first and last name, city you live in and your age. We will let you know within four weeks whether your piece has been selected for publication.

We’re excited to read your stories!


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