Putting Together Life's Pieces

I’ve finally managed to reel in the massive head cold I had last week and tried to pull myself out of my post-Ben’s departure funk. I decided to make an effort to get out into the real world and do human-like things. My best friend from basic training came up to visit as he is headed on a course in Trenton this week, which is nice considering he lives across the country and we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. For a moment, allow me to put this friendship in perspective for you. When I broke my leg in basic training, this guy carried me for three kilometres. Seriously. Furthermore, he allowed me to drag my entire ruck sack full of food behind us…adding at least another 65 pounds to what was already an uncomfortable load to carry. He knew I couldn’t survive without my beef jerky. I knew he would be my friend for life. So although I’ve made the joke that I likely wouldn’t be in the military without him (because I never would have passed basic training without my beef jerky! ha), it’s probably entirely true. His sense of humour kept me going when I thought that my leg pain was going to swollow me whole. I’m also entirely lucky that I have a man like Ben who is understanding of these friendships. Because here’s the reality of a female’s life in the military…80% of your friends will be men because you work with 80% men. There’s no avoiding it. So ladies, try to find a man who understands that. So yes, this weekend I tried to have a real life. We walked the dog. Shopped. Ate massive plates of nachos. I’m a firm believer that sour cream has the power to heal all wounds and sadness. So thanks Joe, for being the kind of friend I can talk to, whine to, and the kind who doesn’t bat an eye at slinging me over his shoulder for 3Km. And for keeping me laughing the entire time. Kelly

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