Five homemade Christmas tree ornaments

Make crafting tree ornaments a family tradition with these budget-friendly ideas

Red and white christmas ball, red ribbon, white and red flowers, tree ornament

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1. Poinsettia power

This red-and-white decoration looks detailed, but it’s super simple to make. Change up the look by using metallic flowers and ribbon in shades of blue or green.

What you’ll need:

4″ styrofoam balls, pearl-head pins, ribbon, cardstock and flower punch or flower sequins, hot glue gun or white glue


Punch several hundred flowers from white cardstock. Alternatively, buy a package of flower sequins from a craft store.

Thread two flowers onto a pearl-head pin, fluff the petals, then pin to a styrofoam ball. Repeat until the entire ball is covered.

Knot a narrow piece of 12″ long ribbon and dab a small amount of glue onto the knot. Push the knot into the styrofoam ball with a skewer.

Tie a bow in a piece of 24″ long ribbon. Trim the ends, then glue and pin the bow to the base of the other ribbon.

Source: Styrofoam Crafts

Sparkly Christmas tree ornament ball with text, newspaper, noel

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2. Joyeux Noël

Sparkly decoupage Christmas balls will glow amongst the twinkling lights on your tree.

What you’ll need:

Plain Christmas balls, scissors, old book pages, diluted white glue or Mod Podge, sponge or paintbrush, glass glitter, balsa wood scraps, felt-tip pen, x-acto knife, string


Purchase a set of plain Christmas balls at a craft store, or use old ornaments that you want to spruce up.

Cut up the pages of a book into small squares or strips. Vintage books with unique fonts work best, but any page with writing will do.

Decoupage the pieces of text onto the ornaments. To decoupage, simply brush slightly diluted white glue or Mod Podge onto the ornament, lay the paper onto the glue, then brush glue over top.

Once the entire ornament is covered, add fresh glue where spots have dried and dust the entire ball with glass glitter.

Cut a thin piece of balsa wood into a rectangle and write “Noël” or a preferred phrase onto the wood with a felt-tip marker.

Cut a small hole in the end of the wood with an x-acto knife and tie the wood to the top of the ornament with string.

Source: Flea Market Style

Orange slice Christmas tree ornament, citrus dried fruit

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3. Fruit slice

Decorating your tree and home with dried fruit is a classic and yummy-smelling way to add rustic flare to your holiday celebrations.

What you’ll need:

Orange slices, knife, cutting board, cloves, raffia


Cut a large orange into 1/4 inch slices and lay on a food dehydrator or on a baking sheet in your oven on the lowest temperature setting. Leave until completely dried.

Poke small holes along the perimeter of the dried orange slices and stuff them with cloves.

Loop raffia through one hole at the top and tie into a bow.

Source: Homemade Holiday Gifts

Pine cone Christmas tree ornaments

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4. Pine cone animals

Craft your own version of these Pottery Barn pine cone animals and turn your tree into a forest wonderland.

What you’ll need:

Pine cones, white paint, paintbrush, matches or popsicle sticks, felt-tip pen, small stuffed animals, string, hot glue gun


Brush pine cones with white paint to bring out their texture.

Draw toes onto the ends of matches or popsicle sticks with a felt-tip pen and hot glue gun them to the pine cones as legs or feet.

Take apart small stuffed animals from home or a dollar store and glue the heads and tails to the pine cones. You can also make your own heads with fluffy pom poms, fabric paint (to draw noses and eyes) and cardboard cut-outs (for ears and antlers).

Tie string around the pine cone and create a loop, or hot glue a loop onto the pine cone.

Source: Poshposh

homemade Christmas tree ornament, spool

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5. Dear Santa

Instead of sticking your wish list on the fridge, make these cute scrolls. They pull double duty by decorating the tree and inspiring loved ones with gift ideas.

What you’ll need:

Wooden thread spool, paint, paper, felt-tip pen, white glue, ribbon


Paint a wooden spool in your favourite Christmas colour (red, silver, gold, etc.). Allow to dry.

Trim a strip of paper to fit on the spool. Write your wish list (or the wish list of a child or friend) on the paper with a felt-tip pen before gluing the list around the spool.

Thread a slim ribbon through the spool and tie with a bow. Write your name and the date on a slip of paper and fold it around the ribbon. Glue the ends of the paper together to keep it in place.

Source: Craft Snob

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