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Editor's pick: M&M frozen desserts

Whether it’s the grand finale to a great meal or a plate of goodies brought out for last-minute drop-ins, sweets are a must this time of year. For instant, delicious desserts, make sure to check out the great selection at M&M. Choose from bars, squares, pies and cakes. All you need to do is thaw and serve!

Nanaimo Bars A hint of coconut in a chocolatey base, covered with custard filling and more chocolate – this is just the ticket. $11.99

Date Squares The crunchy, crumbly oatmeal topping is irresistible. $11.99

Macaroon Madness Bars These are chewy and wonderful with a hit of white and dark chocolate and gooey caramel. $8.99

Tiger Brownies As if brownies aren’t decadent enough – these fudgy ones are nestled on a buttery shortbread crust. $9.99

Apple Cranberry Pie A festive twist on comforting apple pie – serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. $4.99

Too Tall Tuxedo Truffle Cake Layers of dark and white chocolate mousse, marble cake and creamy icing make this the ultimate dessert. $13.99

Please note that prices vary slightly across the country. For more information and store location queries, visit M&M Meat Shops.

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