Five cool things to do this week (April 5 to 11)

From food and drink festivals to antique shows and baseball games, make sure you pencil in these fun to-dos.
By Heather Marrin
wine and cheese Masterfile

1. Read a satirical take on the everyday

It hit bookshelves this week, and like the Canadian mother of three's satirical twitter account, Kelly Oxford's book has become topic of conversation.  Lena Dunham, writer and creator of the hit television show GIRLS said, “Kelly Oxford is like your cool babysitter who teaches you about sex and sarcasm in an un-creepy way. Hanging out with her book makes you wish your parents were always out to dinner.”  This weekend, take a time-out to read her comic essays and join the conversation.

2. Help clean up a shoreline

What's more cool than lending a hand to help conserve our water? The Great Canadian Shoreline Spring Cleanup initiative, led by the Vancouver Aquarium and WWF, has Canadians working together to tackle one of the biggest threats facing national oceans and waterways: aquatic debris.  This weekend, pitch-in and clean up your waterfront.


3. Discover unique print materials

Not quite sure how to decorate the white walls of your home, or looking for a unique DIY idea for outdoor patio coasters?  This weekend, take a trip to a vintage show that offers a unique selection of print materials. Discover old books, print advertisements, comic strips, or old trading cards and let your imagination do the rest with the endless number of ways you could use them to decorate.

April 6, Pop Culture Collectibles Fair, Scottish Cultural Centre, Vancouver

April 7, Old Book and Paper Show, Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto


April 6, Montreal Antique Show, Royal Montreal Regiment, Montreal

4. Sample the perfect pairing

One day this week turn your oven off and snack your way through a night of samples from various food vendors at a food and drink festival or at that restaurant you still haven't made it to around the corner! Better be sure to wash it down with the perfect pairing!

April 5 to 7, The Good Food and Drink Festival, Toronto


April 11, TWB Perfect Pairings, The Wine Bar at Provence Marinaside, Vancouver

April 10, Perfect Pasta Pairings, Crowfood Wine and Spirits, Calgary

5. Catch a fly ball

After playing a sold-out home-opener, the Toronto Blue Jays marked the beginning of baseball season, so dust off your baseball glove, start your spring training, and enlist in a local baseball league. Or, who says you can't call your friends and start your own? This weekend, if you're in Toronto you can snag a ball at a home-game.


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