Carpe Diem!!

Well, after the announcement of my upcoming surgery, my friend Joe and I decided it was time to do all the fun Kingston things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time but never quite got around to. Especially considering that as of next weekend, I won’t be able to do much. And that’s the nice part about having someone visit you…it forces you to be a tourist in your own city. So first and foremost was a trip to Fort Henry Saturday morning. Sigh…only to discover it was closed and wouldn’t be open for a few weeks. Go figure. Our second attempt was much more successful. We went on the “Haunted Walk”, a guided walking tour with comments on the scary history of Kingston’s old streets. It was interesting but when you have a knee problem, walking for an hour and a half isn’t really the way to start off the evening. I was in agony. Still determined to make it the weekend I had dreamed it would be, I decided I needed at least 20 minutes of dancing. Here’s the thing about me and dancing: I find it freeing. I don’t care if anyone is watching me, perhaps concerned that I’m having a full body spasm. I don’t care if my knee hurts the next day, even though I know it will. I don’t care because it feels worthwhile to me. I feel powerful. I smile the whole time. I love it. So Joe obliged me. We went to an awful bar, danced for a few blissful and happy songs (quite literally, I think it was maybe only two or three) and then we left. I was satiated. It would tie me over for the next three months while I recover. So to cap off the weekend, we decided to go on a wine tour of Prince Edward County and spent the whole day driving around, tasting wine and stopping off at any cool shops we saw along the way. Admittedly, it was hard not to have this fantastic day and not spend the whole time wishing Ben was with me. I knew he would love it too. But I also know he would want me happy and healthy. I’m crossing happy off my list. Working on the healthy part. Below, a photo of me laying back on the grass, looking out at Lake Ontario during lunch. We went to three different wineries and picked up a few bottles. One place in particular has the best atmosphere ever. It was called Closson Chase Vineyards and was housed in this old converted barn with fantastic art and an area out back where you could sip wine and look out at the most amazing view. I never wanted to leave. For a moment, it felt like things could stay that way forever…my life encapsulated on a wine label. I could stay here, make wine, and never see another hospital. Ah…to dream! A few pictures below. So that was our weekend full of familiar friends…Sun. Wine. Ghost Stories. And best of all…Dancing. I’m ready for you surgery. And my friends are backing me up…ready to welcome me back as soon as my knee is able. Kelly

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