A magic phone gives Georgie's marriage a second chance

By Sydney Loney
Landline by Ruth Rowell book cover Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

It’s a classic tale of girl meets boy, girl marries boy . . . then work and family get in the way. Georgie McCool is an ambitious comedy scriptwriter on the brink of her first big break, while her husband, Neal, has given up his own dreams so she can pursue hers. Neal cooks, takes care of their two little girls and makes sure Georgie has clean clothes to wear to work. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos, their relationship has quietly eroded. Still, Georgie takes it for granted that Neal will always be there — until one day he isn’t.

A magic phone (rotary, naturally) and her husband’s voice coming from the past make Georgie realize just how much she has to lose. But would she do things differently, even if she could? A warm, lighthearted look at love in the modern world.


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