Our Favourite Hot-Drink Thermoses for Fall

We spill the tea on our favourite hot-drink tumblers and thermoses.

We boiled, poured, and sipped our way through top-grade hot-drink thermoses to find the best for each occasion: transit, car commuting, or a simple porch coffee. Here’s what we loved.


It doesn’t matter what angle you approach from or which hand you’re using: The Corksicle’s 360-degree cap is easy to drink from. The cup fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder and it keeps coffee hot for hours. —Stephanie Han Kim. 17-oz Corksicle Commuter Cup, $44.

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I’ve learned that smaller is better for keeping coffee consistently hot (which might not be a draw if you like to drink five cups before noon). Yeti’s Lowball size carries just enough liquid that the air gap from extended sipping doesn’t drop the temperature of the drink too fast. — Chantal Braganza 295-mL Yeti Rambler Lowball, $25.

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This thermos is super lightweight, so tossing it into a bag adds very little bulk. It’s also a good size for coffee—some of the larger mugs are too big for what I’d usually consume. — Erica Lenti 500-mL GSI Microlite Flip, $36.

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Thanks to its magnetized lid, this travel mug is virtually leak-proof. The parts are easily disassembled and can be tossed in the dishwasher. Bonus: You can reposition the lid for for left- and right-handed users. — Sun Ngo 591-mL Yeti Rambler Mug, $48.

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This sleek, pretty tumbler is perfectly sized for a single mug of coffee, which it will keep piping hot for several hours. I was a bit skeptical about the two-part lid—it seemed complicated, but it’s actually ideal for those who like to walk and sip. — Gillian Grace 12-oz Kinto Travel Tumbler, $47.

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This internet bestseller’s top feature is right in its name: Contigo’s auto-seal mechanism is absolutely leak-proof, no matter which backpack or tote bag you haphazardly toss the thermos in, how long it’s held upside down for or what manner of curious toddler gets their hands on it. — C.B. 20-oz Contigo Autoseal, $32.

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This one’s designed for sipping, not gulping. The slim, linear design is nice, and the lid has a satisfying snap when closed. As a tea drinker, I use boiling water, and this kept my tea hot for two to three hours. It also holds a McDonald’s medium iced coffee perfectly and kept the drink so cold that I had ice cubes left when I was done. — Aimee Nishitoba 12-oz Miir Flip Traveler, $43.

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I kept thinking my tea would cool down in this mug, but it stayed scalding hot for more than five hours. The lock on the side of the lid keeps it secure, so I don’t have to worry about it popping off inside my bag. The spout is also large enough for gulping. —A.N. 12-oz Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, $39.

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I love this mug: the size, the design, the colour, the fact that I can order a coffee, screw on the lid and toss it into my tote bag until I want to drink it. It’s now my preferred mug for commuting. — Maureen Halushak 12-oz Fellow Carter Move Mug, $40.

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This tall, car-travel-friendly thermos offers complete control over drink flow: A button mechanism slowly opens the mouthpiece, which is removable and easy to clean. — C.B. 16-oz Stanley Classic Travel Mug, $33.

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