BBQ guide: Choosing a new grill


Complete barbecue guide
Baby your grill, select the tastiest steaks, and get easy grilling recipes

By Jennifer Danter
First published in Chatelaine’s June 2003 issue.
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Choosing a new grill

Experts have argued that there are no significant differences in taste between charcoal and gas–insisting that smoky barbecue flavour comes from juices that drip down and create smoke. So depending on your lifestyle, choose your grill accordingly:

• Traditionalists and insistent fire-pokers often prefer charcoal. It’s ideal for barbecue enthusiasts who love cooking in the great outdoors, experimenting with different charcoal and even wood. Kettle-style grills are the most popular.

• Gas grills appeal to time-pressed cooks and entertaining aficionados. They provide instant convenience and often have a larger grilling surface as well as side burners. Higher end gas grills even come with rotisseries and built-in smokers.

  • Intro
  Spring cleaning
  • Choosing a new grill
  • Tools of the trade
  • Supermarket vs. butcher steaks
  • Steak cuts
  • 5 easy grilling recipes
  • Get grilling! cooking tips
  • Salad days
  • 65 barbecue classics
  • Light grilled dinner
  • Weekend grilling menu
  • Casual backyard sipping
  • Choose barbecue as your cooking method in our Recipe File
  • Swap grilling tips with others in our Food + recipes forum

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