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Trend alert! Guilford Green is the Colour of the Year

Have a glance at 10 fresh looks for your home that incorporate gorgeous green paint. Any room can be revitalized with the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year.
Trend alert! Guilford Green is the Colour of the Year

Photo, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Colour of the Year Guilford Green

Neutralize dark hardwood

This one dollop of paint can inspire great decorative potential in every part of your home, no matter your personal style.

Darkly stained hardwood flooring doesn't have to set the tone for a deep interior atmosphere. Counterbalance this with a light and lively coat of paint to introduce an element of breeziness. This lovely green hue actually goes great with any shade of wood.

Paint: Guilford Green (HC-116), Chantilly Lace (OC-65), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-guilford-green-stairs-table-flowers-spotPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Explore the boundaries of contrast

Have you ever considered painting your ceiling green? This classic conservatory demonstrates how cleverly this can be executed. Almost magically, the black tone of the windowed wall seems to exude a softer coolness. Furthermore, the still-significant contrast between the dark neutral and the pale pigment above is less severe than using white. 

Paint: Guilford Green (HC-116), Universal Black (2118-10), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-guilford-green-conservatoryPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Broaden open spaces

Don't forget to flaunt a room's assets. If you already have a beautiful big space, emphasize its size and brightness with this soft, silvery green. Even the matte variety of this paint will bathe your interior with light, reflecting every ray that penetrates your broad windows.

Paint: Guilford Green (HC-116), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-guilford-green-bathroom-showerPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Master variety with subtlety

Whether it's preference or apprehensiveness that steers you away from bold pigments, know that you can bring diversity into your palette with a spectrum of gentle pastels.

Don't stick to the default white either; choose a slightly off tone to decorate your trim and molding. Embrace the way that complementary colours relate from room to room.

Paint: Guilford Green (HC-116), Chantilly Lace (OC-65), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-guilford-green-period-house-doorsPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Embrace the flexibility of green

This particular paint colour is undemanding. It's subdued and alluring all at once, enabling you to decorate a room in any way you desire. Despite its lightness, the tonal value of this pigment can hold its own in a minimally furnished space. Having said that, it can appear muted when you need it to, becoming a stable backdrop for busy wall art and larger assortments of furniture.

Paint: Guilford Green (HC-116), Chantilly Lace (OC-65), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-guilford-green-loungePhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Create simplicity with homogeneity

Imagine this room with wooden doors and matching trim. The built-in bookshelves and the protruding closets might have brought unnecessary extra detail to the aesthetic of a space that's already full of objects on which to plant your gaze. By painting the cupboards the same light green as the walls, the architectural elements blend gently together. This enables the furnishings and the lovely collection of vases to stand out.

With this image, we move away from Guilford Green, and begin exploring a broader palette with complementary greens.

Paint: Timothy Straw (2149-40), Seahorse (2028-70), High Park (CC-620), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-timothy-straw-green-living-roomPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Layer deep with bright

On the walls, you'll see a shade that's a little stronger and more yellow than the green we've been seeing. The vibrancy of Timothy Straw is greater than Guilford, yet it too can be applied in a softened manner. The velvety High Park pigment on the stairs counterbalances it perfectly, introducing a dynamic quality that's reinforced by the structure of the staircase.

Paint: Timothy Straw (2149-40), Seahorse (2028-70), High Park (CC-620), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-timothy-straw-green-entrywayPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Expand your colour scheme

Keep in mind the number of separate surfaces you have in a space, and that each of these can be treated to its own distinctive colour. This kitchen expresses a comforting country charm with a delicate finish in a light blue-green. Notice the way that it renders the Seahorse ceiling nearly white, and coordinates gorgeously with the door in the next room.

Paint: Timothy Straw (2149-40), Seahorse (2028-70), Maid of the Mist (CC-728), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-timothy-straw-green-kitchenPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Create contrast with one colour

Visually working for the same reasons that the previous two rooms did, this entryway beautifully contrasts a dark forest green with a warmer paint colour. While these hues come from the same section of the spectrum, they couldn't be less uniform when applied side-by-side.

Paint: Timothy Straw (2149-40), Jack Pine (CC-660), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-timothy-straw-green-door-dogPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Lift shadows with light shades

One of the best ways to make a space look larger is to coat it in a tint that approaches white. In this room, a pigment that's slightly brighter than Guilford Green is spread across the walls, into the darker corners. To reinforced the sun-kissed treatment, the lace-hued mantle and trim are finished in a reflective semi-gloss.

Paint: Chantilly Lace (OC-65), Seahorse (2028-70), Benjamin Moore.

colour-of-the-year-seahorse-green-living-roomPhoto, Benjamin Moore & Co.


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