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The ghost chair: Eight fabulous decorating ideas

Chic and sophisticated, this statement seat blends easily to any decor. Bonus: It also gives the illusion of more space!
By Talia Hart
The ghost chair: Eight fabulous decorating ideas

Photo, The Hunted Interior.

Ghost chairs

Statement seating

Mixing modern innovation with traditional style, the ghost chair is anything but haunted. In fact, it has become one of the most iconic statement pieces of today’s design world. In 2002, French designer Philippe Starck created the first Louis Ghost Chair for Kartell with the classic Louis XVI armchair in mind. Today, it has grown to become the king of all ghost chairs, with many look-alikes following its lead. Whether grouped together, or on their own, these transparent chairs bring subtle refinement to any setting.

Design, The Hunted Interior.

Ghost-chair-clear-accent-chair-book-stackPhoto, The Hunted Interior.

Minimalist room

Forget reupholstering the chairs every few years. Using ghost chairs at your dining table will save you lots of cleaning, inviting the messiest of messy meals. If you have a modern or minimalist kitchen, these are the chairs for you.

Design, Delta Tracing.
Ghost chairs clear dining room minimalist modern kitchen decorPhoto, Delta Tracing.

Touch of transparency

If you don’t want to overdo the acrylic look, place one ghost chair at either head of your table. You could extend the theme by complimenting the remaining chairs with ghost legs, as seen here.

Design, Tara Seawright.
Ghost-chair-legs-clear-dining-room-decor-colourful-pattern-printsPhoto, George Ross.

Mix and match

The beauty of the ghost chair comes in its ability to match with everything. If you’re going for an eclectic look at the table, ghost chairs will seal the deal.

Design, Ana Donohue Interiors.
Ghost-chair-clear-eclectic-living-room-dining-roomPhoto, Michael J. Lee.

Modern workspace

You might be surprised to learn that ghost chairs are actually quite comfortable. That’s why they make great office chairs and are aesthetically pleasing in a contemporary workspace.

Luxe chair, $79, Structube.
The ghost chair: Eight fabulous decorating ideasPhoto, Structube.

Trick of the eye

Opt for a ghost chair at your vanity to create sophisticated and chic bedroom decor. Bonus: It also gives the illusion of more space.
Ghost-chair-clear-bedroom-vanityPhoto, Jaime Polan.

Go glam

Pair transparent chairs with black for a luxe look. Add earthy tones and modern pieces to create a bit of eclectic glam.

Design, Wolfe Rizor Interiors.
Ghost-chair-clear-living-room-lounge-glam-spiral-staircasePhoto, Wolfe Rizor Interiors.

Bathroom retreat

Create a comfy spot to pamper yourself — paint your nails, do a facial mask while reading a mag — in the bathroom. The ghost chair easily blends to any decor.  

Design, Urban Development Inc.
Ghost-chair-clear-bathroom-white-minimalistPhoto, Lisa Petrole Photography..

Outdoor entertaining

Ghost chairs will bring a touch of elegance and magic to your outdoor space. Light weight and eye-catching, they’re perfect for any backyard party.
Ghost-chair-clear-backyard-decor-wedding-outdoor-diningPhoto, Amanda K Photography.


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