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10 Everyday Items To Organize Your Home

The team behind the popular blog Remodelista shares clever tips to conquer clutter.

The Organized Home is filled with images of perfectly organized areas that are usually anything but—entryways, closets and bathroom cabinets (not to mention the dreaded junk drawer). The book, by the editors-in-chief of the celebrated design blog Remodelista, offers brilliant storage ideas for your home’s most-hardworking areas, including clever repurposed organizers to corral clutter.

Below, 10 tips we swear by.

Remodalista hairdryer organizing solution

Photo, Matthew Williams.

1. Use a string shopping bag to store your hair dryer.

The authors suggest storing your hair dryer in a canvas or string bag just beside your sink, so that it is easily accessible and looks cute.

2. Circular hangers are great for tough-to-hang items like scarves and belts.

Not only do they look great, they also keep scarves and belts from sliding off.

Organized home Remodalista

Photo, Matthew Williams.

3. An umbrella bin doubles as a yoga mat holder.

The size is just right!

4. Use an Ikea wire hanger to stow away essentials.

Ikea’s Dignitet curtain rod hanger can be used to hang hand towels and sponges in your kitchen.

5. Hide paper towel in a cupboard.

Keep clutter off your counters and tuck your paper towel inside a kitchen drawer or cupboard for easy access. Remodelista suggests using an adjustable tension rod to hang your paper towel.

6. Store your extra toilet paper in a basket.

Toilet paper packaging is an eyesore. The authors recommend taking TP out of its plastic wrap and storing it in a pretty basket.

7. Bring in a rolling cart for additional storage.

A cute decor piece that doubles as more storage for your bathroom? Yes, please. The Remodelista team likes using a cart like this one for toiletries. Added bonus: It’s easy to move around.

Remodelista organize purses

Photo, Matthew Williams.

8. Use an old desktop sorter for your small purses/bags.

Hooray for multifunctional office items. Remodelista suggests using a desktop sorter typically used for files and paperwork to hold your clutches, coin purses, and brief cases.

9. Designate a drawer for essential morning routine items.

Make getting ready in the morning that much easier by corralling that collection of lint rollers, shoe shiners and fabric cleaners in a drawer beside your closet.

10. Create a disappearing desk for a functional at-home office.

A foldable desk is a great idea for small homes where space is at a premium. The Remodelista team suggests opting for a wall-mounted table to make the most of the available square footage.

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