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How to make a country-style bouquet

Whether you have a backyard garden or just picked some wildflowers, learn how to make a country-style bouquet with these tips from Alison Westlake, owner of Toronto flower shop Coriander Girl.
country style bouquet flowers Photo by Trish Papadakos

1. Find a unique vessel — if it holds water, it can hold flowers!

2. Clean it thoroughly and fill with fresh lukewarm water.

3. Add greens first — they keep larger blooms in place.

4. Trim stems on an angle so they can drink more water.

5. Remove any leaves below the waterline to curb bacteria growth.

6. Now add larger blooms. Cut the stems at varied heights.


7. Place taller flowers in the centre and save three or four to use on the side. Asymmetry is key to this rustic-style bouquet.

8. Now add the remaining wispy bits to fill empty spaces.

9. Don't fuss. Garden style is all about a loose and natural feel.


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