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How to create an ombré wall: DIY in seven steps

This cool on trend look is so easy to do. Our contributing home editor Andrea Mills demonstrates in this step-by-step tutorial.
DIY-ombre-wall-project,-blue Photo by Sian Richards

With so many paint colours to choose from, it can be hard pick the perfect one. Why not try your hand at an ombré wall, so you can enjoy your favourite colour in a range of shades. Here's how to create this on trend look:

What you'll need

Paint in three shades of the same colour (light, medium and dark)

Paint brushes


DIY ombreall wal project, paint colours, three shades of blue Para paints P5015-85 Tango, P5015-52 Lively Samba , P5015-34D Rumba, $65/GAL.


Editor's note: In these step-by-step images, Andrea experimented painting from the top down (the darkest hue at the top), but in our final image we went with the reverse (darkest hue at the bottom) to really open up the room and expand the space.

1. Paint bottom quarter of wall in the darkest hue.

2. Mix darkest colour with middle colour to create your 2nd darkest shade. Apply that colour above the darkest strip.


3. Using a dry paint brush, blend the darkest and 2nd darkest shade together where they meet.


4. Apply the middle colour to the section above the 2nd darkest shade.

5. Again, use a new dry brush to blend the shades together.

6. Apply the lightest shade to the top quarter of the wall and using another new dry paint brush blend the colours together.



7. Step back at take a look at your wall. You might find you need to do a bit more blending between the sections. Use a dry brush every time until you achieve your desired look.


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