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Peek inside a sophisticated and luxurious all-white Vancouver home

Looking for an easy way to freshen up your space? Just add paint! Everyone's favourite neutral is sleek, pristine and forever in style.
By Emma Reddington
Peek inside a sophisticated and luxurious all-white Vancouver home

Photo, Janis Nicolay.

Decorate with white

The family

Gary and Mandy loved the idea of living in a chic and sophisticated white space but weren’t sure how to make it work with a young, active son. When they found a dark and dated two-level home perched high in the hills of West Vancouver — complete with to-die-for views of Stanley Park, the Georgia Strait and Vancouver’s downtown skyline — they knew it was too good to pass up, despite its flaws. The couple enlisted the help of designer Joanna Vagelatos from the Cross Decor & Design to create the modern, seamless look they wanted. Even though their son is young, Mandy was determined to push through with her vision of an elegant, grown-up interior. “I didn’t want to wait 10 years to have my home exactly the way I want it.”

smiling family on grey couch living roomPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Crisp whites and warm neutrals

Joanna set to work creating a soothing palette of crisp whites and warm neutrals using family-friendly materials, such as wipeable leather, glass and a poly-cotton blend that is highly durable. Next, she layered in elegant metallic accessories, adding nuances of mercury, silver and rose gold. Finally, she created a luxurious (and glamorous!) hideout in the master bedroom, complete with a fireplace and richly textured fabrics. Now Gary and Mandy have the timeless home they always dreamed of, and they don’t have to wait another decade to get it.

feature-photo-whitefireplacewithcandlesticksPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Soften up with pillows and throws

Prevent an all-white room from feeling too clinical by adding accessories that run the spectrum from charcoal grey to warm mauve. Patterned cushions and a cozy grey tasselled blanket add interest and make the space comfortable and inviting.

Chairs, Style Garage. Pillows, side table, coffee table, wood beads, candlesticks, The Cross Decor & Design. Art, Zoe Pawlak, The Cross Decor & Design.

white-armchair-with-books-living roomPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Ground white walls with dark floors

Chocolate-brown floors and countertops add depth and warmth to the main living area of the house and keep it from feeling too stark.

Cabinets, Ikea. Hardware, Brandford Hardware. Table, Calligaris. Chandelier, Inform Interiors. Chairs, The Cross Design.

kitchen island white table, full-length windowsPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Add drama with pendant lights

An origami-inspired chandelier turns this modern dining room into an engaging corner and brings character to an otherwise simple space.

white dining room table and chairsPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Opt for a chaise

If you have a stunning view or want to make the most of natural light, try a modern chaise instead of a full-backed sofa. You’ll maximize seating without compromising the beautiful vista.

Daybed, Design House. Side table, Parliament. Lamp, Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. Pillows, The Cross Design.

sofa, couch taupe beige with white tablePhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Go for shimmery glam

Add a touch of luxe to your bedroom with metallic champagne-coloured wallpaper that shifts and sparkles as the light moves across it. A mix of materials, from a tufted headboard to a mirrored side table and glimmering pillows, continues the opulent backdrop, making this a sophisticated retreat to escape to.

Bed, side table, bedding, pillows, wallpaper, The Cross Design. Table lamp, Liberty Living

gold nightstand bedroomPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Introduce a hit of colour

A deep plum pillow and fresh flowers provide just the right amount of vibrancy for this muted bedroom.

white bed, pillows, white and purple velvetPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Create a cozy reading nook

Put that empty corner in your bedroom to good use with a comfortable chair and a place to rest your feet. Adding the warmth of a hearth might be easier than you think. There are so many options for fireplaces these days, from gas inserts to electric to models that burn ethanol alcohol.

Chair, pouf, fur stool, art on wall (artist, Zoe Pawlak), art on mantel (artist, Hugo Guinness), The Cross Design.

pastel living room with fireplace, lilac armchairPhoto, Janis Nicolay.

Incorporate translucent touches and warm it up with wood

Clear glass accessories are the perfect complement to a white interior. They add depth and reflect the light. Create a striking contrast by pairing clean white with rough wood. The organic touch will keep the space from feeling too cold.

candlesticks white wooden beadsPhoto, Janis Nicolay.


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