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Home editor Emma Reddington's favourite indoor plants

Green up your interior with an array of lush botanicals from pretty succulents, zen-inspired air plants, beautiful fig trees and more.
By Emma Reddington
Home editor Emma Reddington's favourite indoor plants

Photo, Emma Reddington.

Emma's plants

A growing trend

When I was in Scandinavia last autumn, I was struck by the number of plants I saw everywhere. They were in restaurants, stores and cafes. Some were grouped together on stools while others filled corners of rooms. It seems every interiors magazine I pick up right now also features at least one or two homes where plants are taking centre stage. If you ask me it’s a growing trend that we’re only going to see more of. Take a look at some of the plants that have graced my home over the last year or so. I’d love to keep adding a few more as it gets warmer outside. To check out more of my latest arrivals, visit @marionhousebook on Instagram.

Air plants on branch tabletop accessories Emma ReddingtonPhoto, Emma Reddington.

Fiddleleaf fig tree

This beautiful tree is a favorite of mine. I’ve had a couple of them over the years. They like quite a bit of light (mine seem happiest in a North window with consistent light) and can be a bit finicky about water — if the leaves start to turn yellow you’ve watered it too much. I also place my big trees and plants in woven baskets (often propped up with a couple of tiles inside to bring them higher up). It finishes the look off nicely and adds some beautiful texture to the room.

Plants Emma Reddington Fiddleleaf Fig TreePhoto, Emma Reddington.


Bonsai tree

My bonsai is small, but full of personality. I’m certainly no expert when it comes to these plants but would love to learn more. It requires almost daily watering and a good trim every now and then. I moved this plant upstairs to our bedroom where it seems quite happy.

Bonsai plant tivoli radio bowl of cherries Emma ReddingtonPhoto, Emma Reddington.

Air plants

Have you given these plants a try yet? They don’t require any soil at all. You can literally place them wherever you like. I tried a few of them out on my dining room table balanced on a Manzanita branch I had. (Since removed from my kids' fingers!) While these plants require little care you do need to be careful when watering them because if you over do it they tend to rot.

air-plant-table-top-Emma-Reddington chandelier pendant lamp mirrorPhoto, Emma Reddington.

Herbs, maidenhead fern and jade plants

In my kitchen, I always have at least one jade plant (far left). It is truly the one plant that always survives no matter how much neglect I it. In the warmer months, I also keep a collection of herbs — rosemary, thyme, lavender — which I throw into my cooking. The one plant I absolutely love but can never manage to keep is the maidenhair fern (far right). Any green thumb hints would be much appreciated!

House plants herbs jade ferns Emma ReddingtonPhoto, Emma Reddington.



I have to say there is something about succulents that I love. Maybe it’s the Northerner in me longing for a desert landscape. They’re bold with sculptural looking foliage. They also require little care and infrequent watering. In fact, the newest plants to enter my house are some beautiful succulents.

Succulents-plant-table-accessories-tivoli-radio-apple-and-pears-Emma-ReddingtonPhoto, Emma Reddington.


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