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Our eight favourite Marimekko home accessories

Renowned for their colourful graphics and gorgeous prints, the Finnish company is all about stand-out design.
By Andrea Mills
Our eight favourite Marimekko home accessories

Marimekko accessories

Pattern designer

Did you know that Marimekko originally started as a fashion line? It's not that surprising, since their products are known for their colourful graphics, unique designs and gorgeous textiles. If you're looking to add some interest into your home, draw some inspiration from these Finnish designers. We've rounded up eight of our favourite Marimekko accessories to show off in your digs. 

Siirtolapuutarha 8" Plate, $40,

Siirtolapuutarha blue and white design 8” plate, Crate&Barrel

Unikko duvet

$129, <a href="" target="_blank">

Unikko red and pink floral red duvet, Marimekko design

Sääpäiväkirja tea pot


Sääpäiväkirja tea pot with autumnal weather patterns, Marimekko design

Vattenblank cushion


Marimekko design, Vattenblank abstract graphic cushion, EQ3

Kaunis Kauris tray


Kaunis Kauris blue tray, deer in woods, Marimekko design

Juhannustaika tablecloth


Juhannustaika tablecloth floral colourful watercolour art, Finnport

Iltavilli fabric stretched over canvas


Bedroom wall art, bulls, minimalist, white Iltavilli fabric stretched over a canvasPhoto by Kristin Sjaarda via Marion House Book

Korona tea towel


Bubbly turquoise and grey Korona tea towels, Marimekko design


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