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How to coordinate a show-stopping sofa

For a lively living room, create some drama with your interior decor! Introduce colourful textiles and patterns that pop to orchestrate your own show-stopping sofa.
How to coordinate a show-stopping sofa

Design, Jessica Helgerson via

How to coordinate a show-stopping sofa

Experiment with upholstery

Throw away the design rules. Discover why it works to be gutsy now and why rooms that stand out from the crowd are on the rise.

Upholstery is one of the places where we tend to play it safe. When her clients told her to be daring with colour, designer Jessica Helgerson created a sectional made with Peruvian blankets. “The proliferation of images online and in magazines has made people more interested in design than ever. The result is people emboldened to make design decisions that reflect their own personalities,” says Jessica Helgerson.

Tip: Dark artwork lets colourful furniture shine.

living-room-sofa-stripe-colourful-textile-black-wallsDesign, Jessica Helgerson via

Choose textiles with personality

Busy patterned material shows less dirt than monotone fabric. Live a little with a stimulating decorative scheme, but also don't be afraid to get cozy in your own space. A colourful couch can handle the odd spill.

Voyage Immobile Sectional Sofa, $3,570, Roche Bobois.


Be bold and fearless with accessories

Whether you're topping off a vibrant lounger or accenting a more neutral chesterfield, striped textiles are certainly in style. Some may say, the brighter, the better!

Alpaca Pillow, $285, l'alviva home.


Swathe your sofa with patterns

Blankets are versatile enough that they can be tucked away or left on display in your living room. This sheep's wool throw can dress a dull sofa, accentuate an elaborate one, and keep you comfy year-round.

Bolivian Frazada Blanket, from $310, Loaded Trunk.


Be bold and fearless with accessories

A sofa shouldn't stop at the seat. Take a load off with this ornate ottoman and its cozy carpet-textured top. This footstool will keep your tired feet supported, and it will reinforce your adventurous design ideas.

Jessica Helgerson affirms, “It makes me happy when I see spaces that are not generic or safe but courageously reflect the inhabitants’ story, their interests, their life.”

Oxford Pouf, $1,900, Missoni Home.



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