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10 easy tips for an organized kitchen

An organized and functional kitchen doesn't have to feel so far out of reach. Follow these simple tips to get more space and less mess!
10 easy tips for an organized kitchen

Photo, Erik Putz.

10 tips for an organized kitchen

Keep counters tidy

Put away infrequently used small appliances like mixers and electric kettles, and corral utensils in a handy container to maximize your food-prep space.

Utensils, $10-$12 each, bowls, $8 each, West Elm. Tea canister, $6, HomeSense.

Marble-Counter-with-Cutting-Board-Ladels-PlantsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Store staples in reusable jars

When unpacking your groceries, immediately transfer basics like flour, rice and oatmeal into resealable, stackable glass jars. You’ll eliminate messy packaging, have more room in your cupboards and see how much you have left of each.

Jars, $4–$9 each, Crate & Barrel.

Reusable Jars, $4-9, Crate and BarrelPhoto, Erik Putz.

Tidy up your junk drawer

Instead of just throwing another thing into that drawer, invest in some divided trays. It’ll make staying organized automatic, and you’ll be able to find the toothpicks much faster.

Divider, $8, HomeSense.

Divider, $8, Homesense.caPhoto, Erik Putz.

Label your canisters

Use pretty ceramic canisters to store staples on your countertop. The versatile chalkboard labels make updating them super-easy!

Canisters, $10, Anthropologie.

Create hidden storage

Attach a magazine holder to the inside panel of a cabinet and use it to store boxes of aluminum foil, plastic wrap and resealable bags. Place them vertically to make the most of the space.

Labeled-Canisters-$10-AnthropologiePhoto, Erik Putz.

Dock your knives safely

Place this cork and rubber knife station inside a drawer to safely store your knives. It’ll prevent them from accidentally nicking you and from knocking into other utensils that can damage and dull them.

Knife dock, $109, Crate & Barrel.

Knife-Dock-$109-Crate-and-BarrelPhoto, Erik Putz.

Stow your scrubbers

Keep your sink from looking disorganized with this two-in-one caddy. Since it’s made of porcelain, it’s easy to clean and designed to last.

Sink caddy, $25, West Elm.

Bonus tips:

-Dedicate a space for phones and keys. The kitchen is often where we dump everyday necessities. Keep them in a pretty bowl — you won’t lose your keys and your kitchen will be less cluttered.

-Eat me first. Place a clear container in your fridge and use it for food that needs to be eaten immediately. You’ll cut down on waste and trim your weekly grocery bill. 

-Repair, replace, discard. Take stock of your kitchen every six months and do a thorough decluttering. Mend any items that are salvageable and replace things that are broken, stained or burned, like oven mitts or wooden spoons.

Sink-Caddy-$25-Westelm.comPhoto, Erik Putz.


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