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Make over your bedroom closet in four simple steps

Try this easy technique to sort through your wardrobe and get your closet organized, fast! Plus, three handy apps that will help keep you organized all year round.
By Rayna Schwartz
Clutter-cure-March-2012-cover-pink-closet-and-wall Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Today's Clutter Cure assignment is to organize your closet. Organizing your wardrobe can be a daunting task at first, especially if you have a lot of old clothes to go through. (Do you really need three t-shirts with stains on them?) The "four piles technique" can help you make over your closet simply and efficiently. Here's how to do it:

1. Designate four separate areas — using bins, baskets, or bags — and label them:

Closet – These are articles of clothing you wear regularly.

Storage – What are the articles of clothing you only wear occasionally? Seasonal pieces like bathing suits fall into this category.

Donate – This category is for items you haven’t worn that much and might be better off in a new home.


Trash – Some things just can’t be saved or repaired. Time to turn them into rags.

2. Put everything from the closet pile back neatly in your closet.

3. Toss out trash items and schedule a time in your calendar to drop off donation clothes at your local charity.

4. When you are putting away storage-pile clothes, whether it's in a bin at the back of your closet or tucked away in your basement, always make a list of whatever is being stored and where it's located for future reference.

Here are a few handy apps to help you keep your clothes organized!


Write Away! The companion app to Scan & Store Barcode Labels, this digital tool helps you locate storage containers and check the contents within. Free to download, iPhone and Android.

Cloth. This app allows you to categorize and share your favourite outfits online. Bonus: in partnership with Wunderground, you can pull the perfect outfits from your online closet based on real-time weather conditions. Free to download, iPhone and iPod.

Stylebook. Carefully curate your wardrobe with this digital closet organizer. Mix and match your clothes, save all your favourite outfits, and compare potential purchases to what you already own.

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