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16 tips to get your garden ready for spring

From decor ideas to gardening tricks, follow these tips to beautify your backyard, fast.
16 tips to get your garden ready for spring

Get your garden ready for the new season.

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Start with the basics

1. The birds are back! Top up your bird feeders to attract winged friends and enjoy the sweet sounds of their chirps as you enjoy your backyard oasis.

2. Rake away old leaves, twigs and debris. Wait until the soil is no longer wet, but get your yard cleaned before spring growth begins.

3. Check your outdoor tools and garden equipment to see if any need replacing. Make sure to inspect the garden hose to ensure it hasn't sprung any leaks.

gardening shed with tools, planters and watering canPhoto credit: Masterfile

Get your garden looking pretty

4. Check the growth of your perennials. Have any died or multiplied since last spring? If so, replace the dead plants and divide and replant those that have become too large.

5. Prune back your perennials if you've left them over the winter while the plants were still dormant. To maximize flowering for next year, prune trees and shrubs that bloom in spring, like lilacs or magnolias, after they've flowered.

6. When the last frost has past, it'll be time to plant annuals. In the meantime, use hanging baskets to add colour to your yard and bring them in at night.

7. Plant summer bulbs like begonias, dahlias and gladiolas once the soil has dried out and temperatures warm up to at least 15°C.

yellow flower in bloomPhoto credit: Istockphoto


For an outdoor sanctuary

8. Add extra colour and architectural interest to your yard using beautiful and colourful pots. This season's trend is to place them in groupings of three or five.

9. Outdoor water features like ponds, fountains and water pots continue to be popular and create a peaceful and calming ambiance.

10. Freshen up your outdoor furniture by giving chairs and table a hose-down, then add bright outdoor cushions for comfort and style.

11. Decorate your outdoor lounge with pretty outdoor lighting. For added comfort on those cool nights, use heating lamps specifically designed for the outdoors.

12. Clear the backyard clutter by storing unsightly tools in an outdoor storage shed — they come in every size and finish so you can choose just the right unit for your needs!

outdoor entertaining, al fresco dining, night lanterns and lightsPhoto credit: Roberto Caruso

Become the perfect host

13. Dress up your table with acrylic dinnerware and stemware — perfect for the outdoors. Keep cocktails cool by using colourful pitchers with built-in ice tubes.

14. Outdoor entertaining isn't complete without music —  jazz up the party atmosphere and pick up an outdoor docking station and speakers for your tunes.

15. Celebrate the start of warmer weather with a new barbecue or barbecue tools. Create a bit of shade by adding an awning or gazebo built to suit the grill.

16. Keep garden games handy, such as bocce ball, badminton and croquet, which are perfect for backyard fun and great for players of all ages!

BBQ grill, ribs and corn, outdoor entertainingPhoto credit: Istockphoto


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