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10 easy ways to be the best house guest ever

Whether you're crashing at a friend's home or staying with your in-laws this holiday, follow these tips to ensure an invitation back.
10 easy ways to be the best house guest ever (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

1. Let your host know when you will be arriving. Don’t show up unexpectedly. 2. Show your appreciation. Try not to show up empty handed — even if it’s something small, present your host with a gift right when you walk in the door. 3. Bring some basic groceries with you. This will ensure you’re not eating all of your host’s food.

During your stay
4. Clean up after yourself. Do your share of dishes and make your bed every morning to show your host you respect their place. 5. Plan to do things alone. This will ensure you give your host space. 6. Keep your host updated. If you have a schedule, share it with your host so they know when to expect you back. 7. Ask your host if you can’t find something. Try not to rummage through their things! 8. Meet friends outside of your host's space. Remember that this isn’t your space and your host may not appreciate having extra guests.

9. Strip your bedsheets. Leave them neatly at the foot of your bed, or in a clothing hamper if there is one. Same goes for towels. 10. Show your appreciation (again). Thank your host for having you, and make sure to follow up with a card in the mail.


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