How to make the most out of every day this year

We scoured that latest news to bring you the best tips for making 2014 your healthiest and most successful year yet.
An attractive young woman stretching in bed after waking up Find out how to make the most of every single day this year (Photo iStock).

A new year brings with it renewed energy and a greater sense of purpose. Make the most out of 2014 by tweaking your daily routine with three simple strategies for achieving your goals and increasing your enjoyment.

1. Wake up earlier It may not sound that appealing, but getting up a little earlier means you get to do all those things you never think you have enough time to do: exercise, walk the dog, read the newspaper, or enjoy that first cup of coffee rather than gulp it down while driving to work. For those with noisy families, waking up earlier may provide a few precious moments of quiet reflection before the house turns into chaos.

A tip for getting up earlier? Real Simple suggests making your bedroom a lighter, brighter space. Swap out heavy, dark curtains for sheer ones that let in natural light, allowing your body to wake more naturally. A sunrise-simulating alarm clock may also do the trick. They allow for total darkness (which is great for getting a good night's sleep) and 'sunshine' in the morning.

That being said, don’t cut yourself short when it comes to sleep. Make an effort to dial your evening down naturally by cutting out electronics and incorporating a routine. Take a hot bath and cozy into a good book to let your body know it's time for bed.

2. Plan ahead Want to lose weight, eat out less often or write a novel this year? Whatever you hope to achieve, give yourself a hand by establishing a plan of attack. Research in a New York Times article suggests that the simple act of writing something down improves your chances of actually doing it.

3. Make time for doing nothing Your mantra for 2014: Doing it all is not having it all. Multitasking is a way of life for most of us and not always by choice. And yet, every once in a while it’s wise to press pause and realize that, as Deepak Chopra says, "Multitasking is the one skill that gets worse with practise." In fact, doing it all is just plain overwhelming. So, if enjoying your life is a top priority for 2014, consider what domestic duties, or extracurricular activities you can let slide. Doing so will make more room for friends, family and yourself.


Working too hard and not living a life that rings true to one’s inner desires are two of the top five regrets of the dying.

What are you planning to do to make more time for yourself this year? Tell us in the comment section below.


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