The Things That Friends Will Do

My friend Graham and I have known each other since we were two years old; our moms were best friends before his mom died after 14 years of ferociously and bravely fighting breast cancer (metastatic breast cancer for 7 of those.) I know – the coincidence of my diagnoses is a little freaky.  And I loved Graham’s mom to the brink of total adoration, but I swear I never meant to emulate her quite so literally. Anyway, Graham and his family have been incredibly supportive of me, and so when he one day said “You know I would do anything for you – you just have to ask and I’m there,” I knew he really meant it.  And my evil twin knew an opportunity when she saw it: she arched an evil eyebrow and said “Anything?” and then lapsed into deranged, villainous laughter, “Mwa-ha-haaaaaa! Mwa-ha-ha-HAAAA….” Well, not really.  I actually said, “I’d love to just hang out sometime. Would you come get a pedicure with me?” And so it was that my totally non-metrosexual lifelong friend Graham had his very first pedicure.  He was very brave.  I suspect he even enjoyed it. Oh the extremes to which friends will go to show you they love you! Thanks, old friend.


    *Anyone else ever notice how pedicure chairs look a lot like chemo chairs with little bathtubs attached to them?  Perhaps the chemo clinic could get a few tubs attached, invite some estheticians in, et voila: chemo-pedis! Genius?  I think yes!

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