The best period-tracking apps to decode your cycle

Stay in the know with respect to your flow.


Credit, Clue.

Thanks to the insane popularity of health-tracking apps and gadgets — looking at you, Fitbit — it is now possible to know more than perhaps you ever wanted to about the weird and wonderful machinations of your own body. Ditto for your period: A slew of recent apps have sought to remove the mystery (and misery) from our monthly gift. Below, a few of the standouts.

This German-made app has been called the “gold standard” of period-tracking tools: It keeps tabs on your cycle, your mood, your skin, your sleep, your sex life — even your “fluid” levels, to help you determine your most fertile time of the month. Clue will also nudge you two days before the red wave rolls in, giving you a nice little heads-up to stock up on tampons and Dairy Milk bars.

Period Tracker
Obvious name, not-so-obvious technology: Period Tracker averages the length of your last three cycles to more accurately predict your period’s arrival (most other apps base their predictions on a 28-day calendar).

Named after the first woman ever to menstruate (depending on who you ask), Eve has a pleasing interface and tracks all relevant data points: sex, moods and nasty symptoms. It also offers support in the form of a community forum, where users can discuss their menstrual grievances with other women.

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In addition to predicting your period for your own sake, Cycles allows users to invite their partners to “connect” via Facebook, which is not only good for attempting (or avoiding) pregnancy, but also heating pad–delivery purposes.

Aunt Flo
If you like period jokes, you’ll love Aunt Flo. Cheeky notifications like “no, your uterus isn’t trying to kill you” and “for hell’s sake, your period is here” add a little levity to the crampfest. Plus, a portion of the app’s proceeds go toward providing feminine-hygiene products to women and girls in need.

Spot On
This aesthetically pleasing app tracks your cycle and, because it was designed by Planned Parenthood, offers other sexual-health resources. It also allows you to track your birth control usage and — huzzah! — sends along reminders if you miss a day.

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