10 Gift Ideas For Cannabis Lovers

From soothing topicals to punchy pre-rolls, aromatic flower and refreshing beverages, we’ve got you covered.

Created for Chatelaine Cannabis Partners

Mollo 5

Aptly named after the French phrase, “vas-y mollo” to take it easy, the Mollo 5 golden non-alcoholic lager is your next go-to refresher to balance out a big holiday meal. With a medium potency and an even ratio of 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD, it’s double brewed for an extra easy sip. Just pour into a chilled glass and say cheers.


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Nuveev Soothe Skin Care Trio

Why stop with just one skincare salve? Nuveev’s Soothe Skincare Trio pairs its CBD-enhanced Restorative Cleanser, Hydrating Mist and Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, each working in harmony to cleanse, hydrate and protect the skin’s barrier. Designed for all skin types, this gift pack is made with naturally derived ingredients to give the gift of glow.


Brought to you byNuveev

Ace Valley Thrust Watermelon Goji Gummies

Ace Valley’s new line of cannabis gummies are a gift for you and your partner.  The flavours of Lust and Thrust aim to enhance both solo and partnered play via delicious bite-sized gummies and aspire to make good sex greater.


Black Forest Rechargeable 1g Vape

Because there’s always room for something sweet—no matter how many times you went for seconds or fourths—Potluck’s line of dessert-inspired vape flavours are the perfect ending to a big turkey dinner. Mix and match among four confectionary flavours, including the Black Forest version, which features a choco-cherry aroma made with distillate and a blend of botanical terpenes to enhance its unique flavour profile.


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Superette Bathrobe

Secure some sweet dreams as you doze off in Superette’s Bathrobe, made with thick terry fabric for maximum TLC.


Juicy Jays Terp Enhanced Purple Gelato Hemp Wraps

It’s hard to go wrong with stocking stuffers that are sure to be put to good use. Juicy Jay’s Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps come in enticing flavours, including Purple Gelato and Cherry Pie.


Sev7n Milk & Cookiez Onòn:ta & Karé:t Pre-Roll

Canada’s first licensed producer on Indigenous land is offering a limited run of its debut house cultivar, Milk & Cookiez. This festive strain has a creamy flavour profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sourdough.


Tweed Lemon Berry Buzz 510 Thread Cartridge 1G

Flavour lovers who are looking for a little bit more from their cannabis will appreciate the subtle fruity notes of Tweed’s Lemon Berry Buzz 510 Thread Cartridge 1G. Natural terpenes will elevate your usual taste experience without sacrificing potency at 85% THC. Just pair with a 510-threaded battery and it’s ready to enjoy.


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Tweed Fizz Mango

Say “cheers!” and break bread with this fruity beverage reminiscent of warmer days. The Tweed Fizz Mango beverage contains the inspired combination of natural mango flavour and 5 mg of THC against a bubbly water backdrop. Chill before and after serving to enjoy the light fruit flavour that’s sweet, with underlying hints of sourness.


Brought to you byTweed