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The Best Food Containers For Work Lunches

We've rounded up our top picks to be sure your lunches arrive at work crisp, chilled, and sealed in these perfect air-tight containers.
The Best Food Containers For Work Lunches

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier by packing lunch, to save time by pre-portioning meals or or to save on food waste (by actually taking leftovers to work) it’s worth giving that jam-packed container drawer a rethink and investing in pieces that will work best for your needs.

Start by doing a serious cull of your existing collection (does it spark joy? or frustration?) and scrap anything you aren’t using regularly. Think long and hard about keeping pieces that shouldn’t be microwaved or put in the dishwasher: is it really worth the hassle?

Second, identify your actual food storage needs: do you need a portable breakfast kit due to your morning time crunch? Do you want your containers to pull double-duty and go from oven to freezer with ease? Are you looking for snack sizes, or containers that seal in oily vinaigrettes for a fuss-free lunch salad?

Whether it's a lunch kit with a built-in-freezer pack or collapsible boxes that take up little space in your cramped kitchen, here’s our picks for the top food storage containers to round out your collection.

Tupperware for work lunches

Breakfast on the go

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there’s no reason to skip it just because you’re running late. This container from Hudson’s Bay will keep your yogurt and granola separate until you’re ready to eat them. The Bay also carries a milk and cereal version, if that’s more your speed in the a.m.

$10, The Bay.

Best tupperware: Breakfast on the go - partitioned dry and liquids container

Space-saving nesting containers: plastic

When space is a concern, consider nesting containers. British manufacturer Joseph Joseph makes a brightly coloured set, and the lids conveniently snap into each other so they don’t sit loose in the cupboard. If variety is what you crave, the plastic version, which is dishwasher and microwave safe, comes in a number of different sizes for all your storage needs.

$55/set of 6, Amazon

Best tupperware: Space-saving nesting containers- plastic


Space saving nesting containers: glass

Joseph Joseph also makes a glass version of its nesting containers. The lids still clip together, but as an added bonus, the bases are also safe for the oven and freezer.

$45/set of four, Crate & Barrel

Best tupperware: Space saving nesting containers - glass

Collapsible containers

If you’re really tight on cupboard space, give collapsible containers a try. These round bins are made of a flexible silicone that smush down to a third of their size for storage.

$30/set of three, Amazon.

Best tupperware - collapsible containers

Space-saving portion control container

This container has four compartments so you can keep your various meal components separate. The largest part holds up to two cups worth of food, while the mini side sections can hold a ½ cup each. And the best part is it collapses to a smaller size when not in use!

$12, Walmart

Best tupperware: Portion Perfect Space-saving portion control container


Sandwich kit

Flashback to your elementary school days with these adorable, modular lunch kit containers. Each package includes two snack boxes (for your healthy or more indulgent treats), as well as a side and a main-dish compartment. But, the coolest thing is that each piece snaps into an ice pack – so even if your co-workers steal all the office fridge space, your tasty ham sandwich will be kept nice and chilly.

$11/set, Amazon

Best Tupperware: Blue ice sandwich kit

Salad kit

If eating more veggies is your goal for 2018, this salad kit will help take your greens to the next level. It comes with one big salad container, but also a topping tray (so you don’t have to worry about soggy croutons) and a dressing jar. The big container will let you give your salad a lunch-time shake to so your dressing is well distributed.

$8, (on sale, while supplies last) Canadian Tire.

Best tupperware: Rubbermaid Salad kit

Heavy-duty thermos

Winter is cold. Have soup for lunch. Warm your soup up before you leave for work in the mornings and this thermos promises to keep it toasty for seven hours. Bonus, it’s dishwasher safe and it comes with a fold-up spoon.

$35, Amazon

Best tupperware: Heavy-duty thermos


Soup and cracker container

This Rubbermaid Fasten + Go jar is made for folks who can’t live without crackers when slurping their lunchtime soup. The base holds 2 ½ cups of liquid, while a second container keeps your sides from getting soggy. It even has a mini tray, should you want to add some shredded cheese to your dish.

$25, Walmart

Best tupperware: Rubbermaid Soup and cracker container

All-in-one bento box

These simple, microwave and dishwasher-safe bento boxes aren’t much to look at, but if you want to keep your food separate, they’ll get the job done. The containers stack nicely without the lids, which can be kept in a separate bin nearby.

$28/set of 10, Amazon

Best tupperware: All-in-one bento box

Modular bento box

This wee bento box has two food containers, an inner tray to store garnish, a silicone seal to keep any liquids locked in (and not in your purse), and a handy strap to keep it all together. It comes in a couple of different shapes and a variety of colours.

$45, Indigo.

Best tupperware: Monbento Modular bento box


Cupboard staple

No home is complete without at least one big set of tupperware. With 12 different shapes and sizes, we like Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Lid system. The lids snap to the bottom of their bases, so you never have to worry about finding the matching set, while the gradual sizes mean you can nest them together to save space.

$24/set of 12, Walmart

Best tupperware: Rubbermaid easy find lids

Snap-lids: glass

These beautiful snap-lid containers are made in Italy of tempered glass. The air-tight seals mean no food leaks and the glass means they’re oven safe. Plus, did we mention how pretty they were?

$49/set of four, Crate & Barrel

Best tupperware: Snap lids - glass

Snap-lids: plastic

These nesting containers are colour coded so you can easily find the lid that matches the base. If you have a variety of containers in all shapes and sizes, buy three inexpensive bins to store them in. Designate one bin for lids, one for your everyday containers that can nest nicely into each other and one for those odd-shaped pieces, like your soup or breakfast carriers.

$8/set of three, Walmart.

Best tupperware: Snap lids - plastic


Snack containers with build in ice-packs

These mini containers hold up to a ½ cup of food and have a handy measurement bar along the side if you’re serious about portion control. But the coolest thing is the set comes with two mini ice packs that clip into the lids so you can be sure your fruits are chilled all day.

$14/set of four with two ice packs, Amazon

Best tupperware: Snack containers with build in ice-packs

Ziploc snack containers

Instead of putting your treats and goodies into little baggies, Ziploc has a variety of small plastic containers you can use instead. The set comes with a number of mini- and medium-sized bins, as well as a couple larger sizes for your main meal. As a bonus, they all fit within each other for storage and the lids snap down with one easy press on the lid (but be aware these are probably not going to fare well in the dishwasher).

$10/set of 13, Amazon.

Best tupperware: Ziplock snack containers

Portable Crock Pot

Step away from the office microwave: Crock Pot has a lunch warmer. The portable, mini slow warmer (it would be a stretch to call this a slow cooker), promises to heat your meals over time so they’re ready when you are. It sounds perfect for those dishes that develop flavour as they cook – like stews or chili. Just don’t forget to plug it in when you get to the office, or else you might be enjoying that meal for dinner. Store it with your other small electronics.

$20, Amazon

Best tupperware: Portable Crock Pot


Mason jar

For all your salad in a jar needs! Also good for soups, vegetables and dip and more.

12 pack, $22, Bed Bath And Beyond.

The Best Food Containers For Work Lunches

Make an easy veggie soup to take to work this week:


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