Six steps to finding your perfect pair of jeans

With so many colours and styles to choose from, jeans have easily become a staple in our wardrobes. We'll help you find the perfect fit for your shape

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Roberto Caruso

We went to Genia Albi, women’s buyer for jean emporium, Over the Rainbow in Toronto, to get her top six jean-buying tips:

1. Bring your patience: Take your time when jean shopping and if possible, hit the shops during the week (day or night) when crowds and change rooms are less crowded.

2. Keep an open mind: Try not be brand specific and keep an open mind about various styles and lines in order to find a pair that will make you look and feel great.

3. Invest: Albi suggests investing in a pair of premium denim because the detail and refined attention given to the cut and design of the jean will result in a much better fit making you feel good and look good.

4. Find your perfect pair, based on your shape:

Petite – Opt for a skinny or straight jean, preferably in a solid colour (avoid styles with lots of blasting and whiskers as it’s too much for a petite woman to carry off). You have the option of going for a lower rise – it just depends on your comfort level. However, most women go with a higher rise for more comfort.

Full Figure
– Choose a high-waisted jean (as it will minimize that dreaded muffin top). Also, a boot cut style will balance out your silhouette.

Tall and slim – Yes, you can basically wear anything. So, be daring and try a colour denim or print, and have fun.

Athletic – Usually women with this shape need more room in the leg. Albi suggests a straight or boot cut leg. Women who are athletic are quite toned so they have options with rises, too.

5. Wash with care: To preserve the brightness of your beautiful pair of lemon yellow jeans (or any brightly coloured jean), soak them in a bit of white vinegar and water before throwing them in the wash. The vinegar helps hold the colours. Albi says, “don’t wash your jeans after every wear. Washing your jeans too much will cause the wash and shape of your favourite pair warp and fade faster.” Albi advises to wash your jeans after every two to three wears.

6. Best in slush: In the fall and winter months, the skinny is definitely the most versatile style because you can easily tuck them into boots (and avoid a messy hem in the slushy weather). This season experiment with a waxed finished, colour and the comeback kid, corduroy.

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