Our big Chatelaine kitchen makeover reveal!

Introducing the brand-spanking new Chatelaine Kitchen! Our home and food teams joined forces to give this powerhouse workspace the upgrade of a lifetime.

Our big kitchen reveal!

New year, new kitchen!

The Chatelaine Kitchen is the heart and soul of our magazine family. With up to five cooks working side by side, and thousands of recipes developed, tested and photographed each year—and a constant flow of eager editors looking for tasty bites to sample—it's seen its fair share of wear and tear. It was starting to look a little shabby chic (minus the chic), so our home and food teams went to work to give the utilitarian space a kick-ass makeover. Check out the amazing results—our creative and stylish solutions might work wonders in your kitchen, too. Our big Chatelaine kitchen makeover reveal!

Choose classic colours for built-ins

We want our kitchen to look as stylish in five years as it does today. So we chose a timeless scheme in blue-black and white. Subway tiles with grey grout add on-trend style—and we can always change the accessories to suit our mood. Our big Chatelaine kitchen makeover reveal!

Go with bold art

Soften the commercial feel of professional fixtures with oversized art. We had shots of our food stories blown up and placed in large frames without mats for a more modern look.

Upgrade: We love our new GE dishwasher—it's super-speedy so we get through more loads.

Our big Chatelaine kitchen makeover reveal!

Tile an entire wall

Skipping upper cabinets gives a spacious designer vibe and creates the opportunity for a feature wall. Add texture by tiling, exposing brick or hanging decorative pendant lights close to the wall.


Hard-wearing vinyl flooring looks as good as wood.

Our industrial hood makes testing curries and fish recipes possible in a a busy office environment.

In order to keep up, we need two ranges... plus a wall oven... plus a microwave. Bonus: Having ten stovetop burners means we can test more recipes at once.

Watch our 2-minute stop motion video that shows the kitchen renovation from start to finish!

Our big Chatelaine kitchen makeover reveal!


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